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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Funk96, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. So my best friend's 19th birthday party was last weekend and he had a whole bunch of friends over. Everything was going good until this happened..

    One of our friends that was there drove over and was planning on driving home later on that night (he wasn't drinking). When he finally decided to leave he found his car (actually his mom's car) with a caved-in roof, dent in the hood, and piss ALL over the car.

    He called the police and they came and looked at the car. They asked some questions and then went out and looked for possible suspects.
    Apparently it was some friends of the birthday boy's brother, and they weren't even at the party...

    It's stupid because this kid never fucks with anyone...people just rip on him because he doesn't drink or smoke.

    I hate assholes.
  2. thats pretty gay id be pissed if i was him sorry to here about your friends car man
  3. So incredibly disgusting.
  4. also

    who is that in your sig?
    I know, but its eating at me
    that i cant remember.

    sorry to be off topic
  5. Ricky from Trailor Park Boys
  6. damn that's fucked up. for some reason it reminds me of when i was out with one of my friends and his older sisters and one of them thought she recognized someone in their car so she ran over and jumped on the hood just to realize that it was an old couple. poor old people nearly shit themselves from the shock.

  7. haha!
  8. You never fuck with another mans automobile... you just dont do it.

    if you have beef, dont be the pussy and fuck with a mans car. walk up to them and just tell it to them straight.... shady sneaky fucks, Ill break a leg or arm if someone did that shit to me or my car. Then id piss in there face...
  9. thats fucked up i hate kids like that especially when they try to act cool infront of eachother and especially the ones who shit on others bc they dont smoke or drink no big deal

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