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Happy Birthday

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NdicaBud, Dec 13, 2001.

  1. Happy Birthday to meeee...budless on my that sucks....

  2. Happy Birthday Ndica. i'll smoke one for you tomorrow.
  3. Happy birthday NdicaBud. I hope you have many many more!
  4. Happy birthday man, and many more....
    How old are you now? Twenty what??
    Too bad you live so far away, I'd be happy to cruise over and fog up your living room. I'll burn one for ya anyway (as should everyone else here), and offer a raincheck.

    (Now everyone raise your mugs and bongs for Ndica)
    Here's to you, brother....

  5. Mucho Farm Outta Man!

    How much gas ya got?

    Head for de' plains!

    I just come across you say?...........Good Shit!
    Chock full of redhairs and smells like a christmas tree! Veeeerrrryy Narcotic stuff!

    Can ya be here by breakfast?

    Many happy returns to the day!
  6. First off happy b-day NdicaBud that sux that you are budless I will spark one up for ya.
  7. Happy Birthday, NdicaBud!!! Hey, I pm'd ya over at Yahooka.
  8. Happy Traveling through time...

    I sincerely wish you the best my stoner friend...

    I'll spark one up tonight, in the hopes that you'll float through many other birthdays, in a smokey transcendetal haze...
  9. Well that was a mindfuck!

    I was coming in here to tell Indica happy birthday,

    and then saw I already had!

    Oh well, if there's one thing that you can't overdue it's wishing someone well on the day the entered this time and space!

    Happy Birthday Crash!

    Hope you's finding everything you need to make you comfy and speed your recovery!

    Sparking my honorary first bowl after work to you!

    Have a goodun'!
  10. Happy birthday NdicaBud, apart from the bud hope you got all you wished for..
  11. happy birthday man... hope your meds are working and you're not too sore :hippie:

    best wishes, and a speedy recovery
  12. Happy b/day.....what age are you again??....21 years a good one....hitting ma bong for you right now....Peace out...Sid
  13. It's a year later, Ndica! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

  14. I'm more than happy to hit it up for you. Happy Birthday, I hope you get something good. I wish you some head kay ;)
  15. HIGH All, Happy B-Day NdicaBud hope your having a blast and healing well.

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