Happy Birthday :)

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  1. To anyone who shares the birthday I have; today. And to those whose are tomorrow I guess. Matter of fact Happy birthday to everyone's birthday whenever that is :)

  2. Happy Birthday. Hope you're having a good one :)
  3. Thanks, I'll reveal a piece of information in a bit. But thank you very much sir :) It's been pretty chillin. Got drunk over the weekend with my buddies, went out to dinner with momma and my sister, got a cool book I asked for and $100 visa gift card :D.
  4. Nice dude! Sounds like a good birthday so far.
    Happy fuckin birthday my man!
  5. Happy birthday.
  6. I realize that I wrote down sir in that reply and saw your username so sorry if your a chick haha xD
    And thank you very much!! :D  :yay: Really appreciate that.
    Thank you :)
  7. No worries :) cool gifts you got there.
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    Oh yea, so here's the ''bit of information'' I was gonna reveal ahahah. Makin it all dramatic lol. duh duh duuh. Here it goes:
    I've been 17 years old up until yesterday at 12:00am (yesterday). So tryna keep my minor status has been a bitch, but now I dont gotta worry about that! Assuming I don't get banned for just saying all that ahahah xD lol!
    Either way, GC is awesome, informative, and chill as fuck. Glad I signed up. If I do get banned though you can bet your ass that I'll resurface in this bizznitch! :D
    Thanks for the B-day wishes again!
  9. Yup :)
    Still got a pair of sony headphones comin my way :D
    The actual headphones, I hate ear buds lol.
  10. Haha sneaky! All legal now though, congrats dude :)
  11. Hahah yep, thank ya :)
  12. Pretty rxcited about the fact that I can finally apply to much needed jobs and get my MMJ card fuck yeaaah  :yay:
    But paying off my 3K in ditching/lighter tickets as a juvenile comes first :/
    But then a mmj card. Then my drivers liscence and car, then its time to focus on getting a better job :p
  13. Good luck with that.
  14. Happy Birthday, brother :)
    Here's hoping that you don't end up like this guy.
  15. you might want to edit that out, OP..
  16. Doesn't matter.. Mods can see edited post.

    Happy birthday OP!
  17. I feel like you made this thread just so people would tell you Happy Birthday. 
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    Nah it's all good man I really don't care. I wouldn't really care if I got banned I'd come back anyways lol. Under a new ip if needed  :devious:
    Thanks homies :)
    Yea so what if I did???
    Haha nah, I was just in a good mood being lit off a couple bowls of LA kush, some xanax(''prescrption''), and some champagne my mom forced me to have with her...I don't even like champagne I'd rather drink a beer or take shots lol but I knew what she meant. But I was definately on a good one last night ;)           
  19. By the way it doesn't matter if you have a prescription for that still can get points for just mentioning it.
  20. Shit..haha I wish they would chillax a little on the rules of posting...just a little.
    Thanks for the heads up though ;)

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