Happy Birthday to me

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Garcia76, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. Woo happy birthday too me happy birthday too me. This still sucks since i have to go to school today. but hey its my birthday.
  2. happy birthday.......in my opinon birthdays should definatley be considered as a free day,....no work, no school, no work lol.
    anyhow hope ya get a nice day :)
  3. Happy B-Day Garcia!

    Highya that wouldn't work.. I would have the excuse of every day being someone's B-Day so I wouldn't have to work!
  4. thanks what i think higha meant was no work on your own bday not other peoples. so tommarow im going to buy a bubbler since my only piece is an inside out ccg spoon. iv decided that since its a year old i need a new toy.
  5. lol......your very correct garcia gld your gettin a bubbler, new toys are the best.
    you'll have to excuse bud heads confusion,*whispers* i think he might want your birthday spankins ;)
  6. no way i earned those spankings their mine.
  7. So many bdays..haha awsome...happy bday:)..hehe I always took off school on my birthday..though i took off school almost every day..but thats not the point happy bday:p

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