Happy Birthday to me!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Josarian, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Well, to be truthful my birthday was last Saturday, and it was the best birthday of my life. A couple friends and I went to the red hot chili peppers concert which was, of course, awesome. It was quite an adventure trying to toke though, we meant to hit a road beforehand, but we wanted to wait till the last second because we knew we would get lost if we were stoned. Well we finally found the place, but then we were caught in the flow of traffic and we were shuffled to our parking spot where we were trapped in. At this point it is about 6 o'clock and cops are EVERYWHERE! In car, on foot, on bike, on horse, it was insane. There were five of us and we drove the mexi-mobile so there was no privacy in the car. We took turns being watch outs while one of use snuck into the car and toked up. It was all going well until the people who were tailgating next to us just happened to look down into the car and saw my friend toking up. Them being drunk started yelling so the only way I was able to calm them down was to give them a hit. :smoke:

    With our toking debacle over and us thoroughly blazed we stumbled into the show and I witnessed the best concert of my life. They really put on a show and Flea even did his trumpet solo twice.

    When they played under the bridge as the encore, I broke out the blunt I had been hiding in my super secret pants pocket (they thoroughly search you when you enter). Suffice to say I had a good time. :smoke:

    Best of all, I got a total of $250 due to rich relatives, and proceeded to buy new shoes, (had been wearing the same shoes every day for the last 5 years) two new ccg glass pieces and, of course, some beautiful skunk. :D

    Thanks for listening to my birthday story those who actually read it :smoking:
  2. Nice, glad you had a happy birthday, a little too late to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY though. And from what I can see, you are an anime fan, that's cool. Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Good CBB movie, as well as Akira. Peace.

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