Happy birthday to me!

Discussion in 'General' started by senta420, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. So today was my birthday and it started off super shitty. Then my buddy invited me to a college kids leaving party. I get there and we rip a massive bong. 13 years old and 2 foot talk. Unfortunately, no pictures. At first he had an elephant pipe and I was like is that a bubbler and he was like no but we can smoke out of a bubbler, the vape or a bong. So I was like fuck yeah! Bong for my birthday. Got ripped. I'm still high.

    Once my parents go to sleep, imma smoke this sucker. Happy birthday to me!

  2. Happy birthday ! :wave: I'll have a drink for you here. Nice kicks by the way.
  3. Thanks buddy! And thanks for the shoe compliment. My shoe collection is getting pretty large! I got these for Christmas!


    That pair


    Them green ones

    And these


    I still have 5 or 6 more pair but that's what I or for Xmas haha :)
  4. Looking good man but you have more shoes than my sisters :laughing:
  5. I foot finally stopped growing so I went on a shoe spree and became a sneaker head! Haha, it's almost like an addiction. Just like my hats, I got tons!
  6. My mom won't shut up and she's renting on about my aunt. So imma get stoned now! I survived yet another year! This is for all my fellow blades!

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