Happy Birthday Taco Bell!

Discussion in 'General' started by jacktown, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. finally an excuse to celebrate today. this next bowls for you taco bell

  2. I love you Taco Bell!
  3. taco bell is the shit, but gives you the shits!
  4. baja blast, yesss
  5. Favorite item at Taco Bell??

    I dont order them anymore, but I used to love the Mexican Pizza thing. Just two tostadas stacked on each other but thought it was good. Then I went through a soft taco phase. And then a 7-layer burrito phase.

    Nowadays I really dig the Meximelt, but no one ever orders it! It nuts that so many people dont know about it, but it's rad. I still dog the 7-layer (add chicken).
  6. Taco Bell sounds soooo good right now.
  8. My favorite fast food. I grub here twice a week. I'll be dead by 40, but it was well worth it...

  9. Guarantee you if Chick-fil-a was celebrating a milestone they'd be handing out free food.
  10. happy birthday taco bell!

    brb gotta take a shyt

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