Happy Birthday Nate

Discussion in 'General' started by stonygurl, Oct 30, 2001.

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    And I hope you have better luck this week..read your post at Yahooka..shitty week ya had last week.

    Have a great day, girlie! SMOKE UP~!
  2. Thanks! I was paid back this morning with some b-day pancakes from my crazy friends, after the smokefest of course.
  3. Hope you enjoy your day nate,,,how old today?

  4. Happy Birthday!!
    If you lived in the area I'd drop off some special cookies, I baked a bunch last nite~
    Hope you have a great birthday, looks like it's off to a good start :)
  5. Big 30...where did all the time go? I thought this stuff only affected my short term memory???? LOL.
  6. Happy B-Day nate. May you have many more,.

  7. theres a sayin "if you rememberd the 60s you didn't live through them" you figure out what im tring to say because i cant :p

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