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Happy Birthday, Higha!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Had you not mentioned it ever so casually in the Official Wah Baby thread, I wouldn't have known it was your birthday until Critter resurrected an old birthday thread of yours...he'll find one, I'm sure. :p



    I hope you have a great day even though you don't feel so good. Hopefully, Critter will come along and make the thread all exciting with his smilies.

  2. happbirthday mate....... :p:p:p:D:D
  3. ah you guys are sweet, kinda makes this nasal congestion cough fever alone on my bday thing not so bad after all :D
  4. Happy B-Day highya.. May you have many more..

    Does this make you 24??
  5. The happiest of bday wishes to you!!!!! May this year be the best one yet!!!!!!!!!
  6. Happy B-day Higha!!!!

    I know what you mean on the nasal congestion (not the fever cold cough though lol) I haven't been able to breath proper for a week now!!! crazy

    anyway, don't let a little sickness get you down! ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEEEEEEE :D :D :p

    have a cat :D

    and fun :D

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  8. Happy Birthday Highya :D:D
  9. Happy Birthday---I hope you have many, many more!
  10. happy birtday higha! no more nuffy! :p
  11. HIGH All, well ONCE again it's that time HIGHa and I'm late....(looks sad)....

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  12. happy birthday higha!!!!!!!!!!!! tokin one for ya!!! would bring ya one but damn snowwwwww AGAIN...or is it STILL!?!?!? :smoke:
  13. aah, thanks
    this all really makes up for the 2hours of mother in law yackin about how i just turned 32 and continually asking me if i was okay with it, "uuum yes, i am" wierd thing i wondered is she okay with it?.lol
    you are soo forgiven unoit, cute pooch i must say......
    cute kitty
    thanks for all the tokes smokes an jokes
    love,....its snowed soooo much i dont know if its comming or leaving anymore

  14. HIGH All, mmmmmmmmmmm 32??? Weren't you 32 in 2001 *LOL* Just having fun my friend.

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