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happy birthday critter!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by highawatha, Dec 28, 2001.

  1. :) heres to you
    i just backspaced a whole joints worth of ramble about your anyhow *exhale* happy birthday man.
  2. ****sigh**** I love birthdays........other peoples!!!!LOL!!
    Now I have to get my bong back out and toke up a brthday hit 4 ya!!!!
    Hope you have an excellent one!!!!!!
  3. Happy birtday crit!

  4. Happy B-Lated Birthday Critter!!!!!!!
  5. Happy Birthday mate!
  6. Happy birthday my man!

    Get pissed and drunk.
    Get pissed and stoned.
    Hope you're not piston broke!

    Many happy returns to the day!
  7. HAPPY B-DAY Mr. Critter. Hope you enjoy the day and many more tommorrows....
  8. YAY!!!!


    Never grow up, Critter. We love you the way you are, my friend!!!! Very much so!

    "Happy Birthday To Youuuu,
    Happy Birthday To Youuuu,
    Happy Birthday Dear Crittttter,
    Happy Birthday To Youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!"
  9. Happy B-day again my friend. It's good to see we are getting older together. We love ya mate!
  10. Nah, I'm pretty sure that if ya ain't grown up yet it probably ain't gonna happen!

    I'm off to wake and bake in your honor!

    Have a most excellent birthday mate!
  11. HIGH All, seen HIGHa's name and..............:(

    Happy B-Day my friend, smokin and drinking to you on this belated B-Day.
  12. hmm... looks like a day late and a dollar short... lol

    anywayz, i hope you had a wonderful time on your birthday, and that you have many more. NEVER GROW UP! lolol.

    peace :D
  13. Happy Birthday mate! Sorry i'm running late as usual.
  14. happy birthday my friend....i too am running out...Sid
  15. And again I wish you a Happy B-Day!!!!!!!

    May You have many more and much sex till the next one!!!!!
  16. Happy Birthday to ya sweetie!! Here's to another one, eh!
  17. Wow, its your bday? Mine too, have a good one, im just winding down mine! Mine turned out not to be as bad as i thought it would have been. My sisters boyfriend took me for a spin in his mustang gt 5.0 5speed down to the ATL for some drinks hah...
  18. Happy [​IMG] Birthday Critter & Grass Roots! Hope you two have many more!

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