Happy Birthday Buffet!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by burnttwaffle, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. happy birthday man, hope u have a great day, be safe have fun and be sure to get fucked up:cool:

    To many more buffet birthdays:):bongin:
  2. Happy birthday Buffet!

    I also wanted to point something out from today's birthdays... check out the other guy who has a birthday today.

  3. [​IMG]

    happiest of happy's, man
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    LMAO thats silly. what a fuckin dumass, he deserves to be banned for that plus being 17

    we need some epic fails, and facepalms

    BuffEt your B-day thread just took a random turn, sorry =/

  5. on cue:

  6. Damn, there usually is an abundance of them around here.....where'd they go??
  7. Waffle, quit being a pud and get on AIM. We always talk at this time of the morning. Shit, you're usually the one IMing me. I'm bored son!

    Happy birthday buffet!

    I looked up and saw "facepalm" That's what I'm talking about. Here's some fail and facepalm pics for the youngins:


    ^^ Wow... I hadn't seen that one before. I LOL'ed for quite awhile.

  8. It must be birthday season!

    Happy Birthday, buffet
  9. Haha, I swear dude, you are the KING of happy birthday announcements.

    Like Chuck E Cheese or some shit...
  10. heh, i think its more luck than anything, i just scroll down, see birthdays and it seems every time i do, sum1 i know/is a chill member has there birthday that day huh, maby thats what my purpose on GC is, waffles and birthdays?:cool:
  11. If only they had waffle announcements, you would be set.
  12. Happy b-day man.

    hope you're celEbrating.
  13. have a good 1
  14. Happy birthday BuffffEt!
  15. bump bump bump. and i shall keep bumping until he see's this:)

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