Happy Birthday Buddy

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MidwestToker420, May 3, 2011.

  1. What up GC

    Soooooo today is my friends birthday, so i decided that i'd be a good friend and get him a present, so i hit him up last night and im just like "bro i'll be at your house at 8am tomorrow morning, set an alarm" this kid never wakes up he always sleeps till like 2. Anyway i went out and copped an eighth of some fire :p:hello:

    the next morning i show up at 8 and call him, surprisingly he's awake and comes outside, he hops in my car and i present him with the gift i mad him last night, a 1.5g bday blunt. Naturally he's pumped, so we get toasty, and then i bought him some french toast sticks at bk, i feel like a good friend today haha. :cool::cool:
  2. Expect alot of posts with people talking all that gay shit because they uncomfortable with there sexuality , but fuck them clowns.
    Good thing you did today bro and no doubt your boy will get you back on your bday !
  3. good job man. way to be
  4. thanks man it just felt like the right thing to do^^^^
  5. your a good friend
  6. i dont see anything gay about this... good stuff... happy birthday to your friend... and good karma is coming your way

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