Happy Birthday, BigSmoker!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by TokinBlue, Aug 22, 2007.

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    Hope it's a great one filled with yummy, sticky buds!!!! :yummy: :D :smoke: :yay:
  2. Happy Birthday man.

    Hope you're Lil Sista and FM bowl are getting filthy. :bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin::bongin:
  3. happy birthday dude! ill toke a fat bowl of some white widow to that!
  4. Happy Birthday Big Smoke!
  5. happy birfday bigsmoker!! i <3 you.
  6. Happy birthday! :hello:
  7. Happy Bday Bro, enjoy it while you still can :D
  8. happy bday big smoke. Like emag said that lil sista and fm bowl must be putting in work today =D
  9. hahahaha, Thanks everyone, And don't worry the RooR is defiantly getting a workout. LOL

    I got a little $ for my Bday, And im debating if i should buy this grinder.


    I have been using the plastic one i got free with my RooR, But a few of the teeth have chipped,
  10. Happy Birthday BigSmoker! :hello:

    Yea, I'd go for the grinder. Having kief is sooo nice. :smoke:
  11. Hope you have a good one bro.
  12. I may be a little late, but happy birthday my friend.

    Yeah, I'd go for that grinder that thing looks nice.
  13. happy belated birthday ;)
  14. happy bdday man!
  15. Happy Birthday man :)
  16. happy bday man
  17. happy birthday man!
  18. Thanks again everyone for the kind words, I had a great birthday, Filled with bong bowl after bong bowl, And a marathon of Entourage.:bongin::wave::hello:
  19. Happy Birfday holmes!

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