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Happy Birthday Big Poppa Puff!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Feb 11, 2003.

  1. I haven't a clue which day it was but I saw that you mentioned getting a birthday card in the mail so either we missed it, it's today or it's on it's way.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPPA! I luv ya and I hope that whenever it was or is, that you have a blast!!!

    :::::singing and dancing to the Poppa Birthday song::::::
  2. HIGH All, shit Feb 9th I think "SLAP" upside the head!!!! How could he think someone would forget.

    HAPPY B-Day Big Guy!!!
  3. i hope you celebrated as hard as i did
  4. Happy B-Day big Poppa!

    Enjoy it to the max!
  5. happy bday :D
  6. *is wishing he would find the birthday thread before he says happy birthday in another thread*

    Go look at your Cards thread. That way I don't have to type it again.

    BTW, Zia! That is some scary shit!
  7. ::does happy poppa birthday dance:: <= or something of the sort.

    happy birthday bpp. hope ya have many more :)
  8. Happy birthday pig boppa ;)

    It's been days since i've picked on you, do you miss me? Because I miss....................................................Cowboy ;)

    *lol* you know I'm playing and your my favorite big daddy ;)
  9. happy birthday puffy....heres to you.

  10. happy birthday!

    damn, enough with the buff chicks already!

  11. Close, very close Unoit.

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes!
  12. *doh*

    Happy b-lated b-day BPP!
  13. A VERY Happy Birthday wish to the only Blade I've met personally!! Say High to Mrs. BPP from PoohGator and I.
    If I was around more often I wouldn't miss this IMPORTANT stuff!!

    P.S...........Miss you too 420Girlie!!!!
  14. Atleast SOMEBODY does ;)
  15. i may be late, but happy b-day any motha fuckin way ;)
  16. comin' in a bit late on this but i hope your birthday was great BPP! *BIG POPPA PUFF HUGS* :) and i hope the celebration extends well into this weekend.. woohoo!
  17. maybe its the 10 th ???

    Happy birthday BPP.
  18. Leave it to Critter....;)

    Happy Birthday, Poppa!!!


    Hey Critter...throw some birthday smilies in here!
  19. [​IMG]happy bday bpp!![​IMG]
  20. Happy B-Day Poppa... I hope you are having a good one!!!!!!

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