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Happy Birthda Smokinokie!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stonie jo, Nov 5, 2001.

    Happy birthday to you
    happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday Smokinokie....
    Happy birthday to you!!!!!
    So how old are ya now? 22,23 ;)
    Well I hope you have a wonderful birthday and if I would have known it was your birthday I would've baked a cake.
    Don't do anything I wouldn't do!!! That leaves it wide open!!!
  2. Hell, I'll bake a cake anyway!! Any excuse for chocolate.

    I hope it's a good day, big guy. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. happy birthday smokinoldie
  4. Enjoy the day and be bad :)

  5. Birthday cake is great for the munchies.
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  6. Happy B-Day smokie old buddy. How many centuries has it been my friend. Have a good one and let us in on your birthday story. I know you'll have one for us.

    Peace to you and family.
  7. Hope you have a great birthday!
  8. Thankee one and all!

    I'm calling myself 21.....twice.

    Had the real fun Saturday night. Crown Royal is a fine whishkey, (that's how ya gotta say it,) and when you run out of that, a little Jagermeister is a wonderful kicker. Of course, there was good bud's with good bud, a near full moon, a wonderful fire, and one heavy ass fog at midnight. Most of my guest's wound up spending the night, 10 of them! I ain't exactly got accommodations for 10 people, but it's also been a long time since I had a slumber party! Actually, it was a bunch of 40+ yr. old adolescents drinking past the point of drunk, smoking past the point of being stoned, and lying past a point that can't really be measured in this dimension!

    I thought of you all a few times. So you were there with me.

    Did you have a headache the next morning too?

    Peace to all.

    And thank you again!:)

    I'm coming after you Hiya.

  9. EEEK!
  10. I'm smokin a skunk in your name......hope you enjoy it as much as I.........happy birthday
  11. Sounds like you had a great birthday bash! My favorite kind of birthday :)
    Smokin a J for you and another plentiful year ~
  12. Happy belated birthday there you old chainsawing-up snake killer. I got to celebrate Saturday night with a night out with the Missus and no kids and didn't even know I was celebrating your birthday.

    So tell me something know that you are older. If you don't wash down a viagra with a glass of water, will it make your neck stiff?

  13. hey ganjaphish didn't know that you were a girl.....sorry about that. smoke on...ladie....
  14. do what i do on my brithday (anyfucking thing i feel like at the time ! its the only day of the year i do what i want)that and hollaween night!
  15. we got about three weeks. should be ok. OK. OKINOKIE! SMOKIE! DUDE! WHERE R YA? :D

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