Happy Birthay to me

Discussion in 'General' started by Jesse, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. Signed up about this time last year when I turned 18. Fuck it feels weird to be 19. Well the same but I think I should feel different.
    What a year, watched a good mate die right next to me. Watched my country turn into a bunch of muslim haters and watched my friends slowly drift away.

    Here's to a shit year and the many to follow. One step closer to death, one step closer to peace and quiet.

    What's everyone up to today?

  2. So not every muslim is a terrorist but your entire country excluding you is a bigot towards muslims?
  3. Sup brah !

    Seems like you're going through some hardcore shit, by the sounds of it. I'm not a fan of islamophobia, either. It's fucken stupid, when you think about it - if it's not jews, it's muslims. If it's not muslims, it's gays. If it's not gays, it's our black brothas. People never seem to notice the pattern, even in the age of lolcats and iphones - and thus - history repeats itself. Feel free to feel superior to prejudiced twats - it looks good from above here. [​IMG]

    Anyway, happy birthday! Sucks to be a teen, but yeah.. it don't get better as you grow up. You solve one problem - another one comes and takes its place.

  4. that's the spirit, kiddo!

  5. Im from Australia not TrumpLand. Just my mates are racists as fuck. I wish I was muslim so I wouldnt have to deal with this Christmas bullshit. I love muslims, it's all about peace love and food. I hate Christians every Christian I have ever met is about despising any one lower or happier than you.

    OT: My mate just surprised me with so BHO so today may not be too bad.

  6. that's the spirit

  7. i dont know you, but ilove youbruh
  8. dont be so down man, my girl who i grew up woth died right in front of me as well, i feel your pain man, hopefully you feel better my man, shits all gucci in the end man i wish we could smoke tgether right now bro

  9. I live not far away from you then. lol

    The way you worded your first post - I thought you were living in a warzone at first.

  10. Happy birthday! Mine was yesterday so we're almost birthday buddies lol
  11. Don't wait for death, make death wait for you.

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