Happy Bicycle Day!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by CanadianToke, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. :hello: Finally the best day of the year has come. Happy Bicycle day to those who know and for those who don't you can have your happy made up day tomorrow.:hello:

    Edit: I guess I didn't estimate the slower ones... for those who don't know what bicycle day is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycle_Day
  2. I rode mine today down some trails and smoked a bowl along the way in a nice little spot.
  3. oh yea I forgot about bicycle day..

    happy bicycle day :smoking:
  4. nice, i like acid too. happy bike day.
  5. How do ya accidentaly ingest acid? LOL

    I just bent down to smell it and in jumped in my mouth. LOL So what the hay I'll eat it.

    Just kidding I use to know a guy that made it long long time ago, and he used rubber gloves all the time because of handling all the time, it would absorb right through his pores.
  6. ahahaha....that bicycle story is funny.
    Wow. lmao.
  7. He was scientist, and I believe he was handling it, not knowing that it was absorbed through his pores on his fingers. Dumbass haha. If you're smart enough to make LSD, you figure that you can wear lab gloves. But I guess since he was the first to make it, he would have had no idea that it could have happened.
  8. I wanna try acid so bad now...
    cool story funny with bicycle
    sheeps is right too, Im really surprised someone would be dumb enough to touch something with bare fingers thats an experiment but hey
    he created something crazy sweet
  9. Excellent!!! I knew the story of Hofmann's bicycle trip, but I had no idea that they set aside this day for its celebration! Awesome info! :D :cool:

    Happy Bicycle Day to you, too! :hello:
  10. yeah, anybody drop acid today, i procrastinated and called everyone last night, only guy was in florida :(

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