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Happy Backwards Day Everyone! 3/21/09

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JH52, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Happy backwards day! Remember to toke it up!:smoking:
  2. on backwards day wouldnt we not smoke?
  3. Maybes thats why I got told to fuck off last night :eek:

    Edit: Probably not
  4. 3....2.....1...blast off!
  5. ]
    That's funny, because I actually noticed it was backwards day after waking up, picking up the pipe, and counting down like that before the fun times. :D
  6. There's a Backwards Day??? I'm still smoking :smoking:
  7. #8 DMOB12, Mar 21, 2009
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2009
    ?yad sdrawkcab si kcuf eht tahW
  8. wouldn't it be Unhappy backwards day?

    and then, you wouldn't know whether or not the OP was telling the truth; and you'd have to go with your gut instinct. And seeing how the OP doesn't have much time here nor reputation, I don't know what to believe. Because I like to see the good in people, but I can't with people I don't know.

    Kudos to you sir, for this mind-boggling mystery. :smoke:
  9. because if it were backwards day you would just call it forwards day...and on a regular day you would call backwards day backwards therefore he is an imposter!
  10. We basically just solved this entire problem by ourselves. +rep to you sir.

    AH HA, good reigns over evil once again. nice try OP.

  11. Captain Underpants!!!!! :D

    And I'm still gonna smoke, even on backwards day. ;)
  12. I just did backwards of a the day before. Yesterday i slept all day today im up and about ;P
  13. .noitseuq doog

    i'm so confused :smoking:
  14. Today is also my 2 month birthday!

    I mean... It is not my 2 month birthday :/
  15. On backwards day does bud smoke me like in scary movie 2?
  16. My friend actually tried salvia for the first time today. Needless to say, his behavior was a little "backwards" ha ha ha. :p

    I'll be trying it for the first time later. Wish me luck. :confused:
  17. awesome day! haha. Who thought of it? Very clever.

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