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Happy B-day to me!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by shebug, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Hello all!

    Yep, I'm in the right spot - very well seasoned toker - and it's my 54th B-day. Had my first toke on my 16th B day. :wave:

    Was just cruising the net, looking for a birthday smoking device and found this site.

    Vast knowledge? How about history? Kinda like "I cleaned my 10.00 lid and only got a 1/2 oz after taking out the stems and seeds." Mex weed - 1971 Boulder CO

    (Lid - A Ohio Blue tip Kitchen Match box full) about 1 oz

    Reg Zig-Zags - 00.19 at corner store

    When I turned 19 in fall of 73, I went to Alaska as a waitress and dancer. Opium Dipped Thai stick just dripping with the black gooey brought over by Asian fisherman to Alaska- 35.00 each. Local Matanuska Thunderfuck - Awesome.

    38 years? I love smoking with the new Gen tokers - Vaporizers, Kif Boxes, all the pretty lamp-work goodies they have. Still fun to play with the toys!

    Well - Advice? Keep Karma in mind - Don't rip folks off, misrepresent weights, and give a little extra effort to make a smile. For years I used to be a wake and bake kinda person - now my pleasure is "Maui-Wowie Time" instead of Miller time at 5pm

    Good old days of MJ? Nope, the smoke is better than ever! But I do wish that for my B-day the Black gooey Thai Stick was around. I would chase the dragon once again.

    Keep on Tokin! (I did)

  2. Happy b-day, shebug! :hello:
  3. Thanks buggin! It's still great to keep on keeping on!


    PS - bugs rule!

  4. lol, I thought the same thing :smoking:
  5. happy bday! I wish I could remember the date of the first time I puffed, darn. Have a nice maui time!
  6. Happy Birthday!!
  7. Well, thank you all very kindly! Flfck, I wish I could reach through the screen - those are so pretty!

    I decided on a vape for my B day goodie - Only tried one once, but really liked it.

    Also have a surprise in glass coming - will keep you updated.

    Carpe Diem!

  8. Happy birthday!
  9. happy birthday
  10. Happy Bday.
  11. Félicitations, Shebug...Hope im still true to the stoner ideals at your ripe ol' age. Happy Birthday

  12. Giving a smile to all who sent their well wishs! This site looks like a nice place to stop by on rainy days, now that the outdoor work is slowing down. I love gardening! :)
    (I'm working on Permaculturing our little acre up here in W. WA)

    See ya in the different forums!

  13. Happy Birthday!


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