Happy B-Day sensimil!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by unoit, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. HIGH All, had to say it again out in the open...hope you don't mind.

    HAPPY B-DAY sensimil!!!!
  2. *Doing the dorky dance for Sensi*


    Happy B Day girl! Hope this is the best one for you yet!

  3. Yeah dude
  4. Happy B-Day Sensi ;) Any plans involve another skydive? That'd be a kickass birthday! hope ya have fun whatever you do...
  5. Happy Birthday, Sexy Sensi!!!!

    We all love you, girl! Have a super stoned birthday! :D

  6. Yeah...what she said..!!! :D

    Despite mood you better be ready to booze !
    These boards should be loaded with crazy sensi stories by sunday!

    Grab a bottle of cuervo, some limes, lil bit of salt, an some of the tastiest girlies you know.... sounds like a recipe for fun to me....

    anyway, i hope you have a happy birthday, may your wish's come true.... an smiles lasting for many birthdays to come.... happy 24th :)

    there's been a round of bdays around here lately!!

    ur an awesome person sensi! i hope ur bday is fantastic and i'm sure it'll be fun! can't wait to hear the stories lol! have a really good birthday!! luv ya!


  8. Cause us march folk know how to keep it real.... ya heard'...

    :p more birthdays the better, gives me an excuse for going out.... plus, I'd say this is a hell of a reason....;)_

  9. lol keep it real eh! i'm havin a few martini's for ya tonite sensi! got good ole granma to watch the kids for the nite, yeeeeehhhaaaawwwww!! and i'm heading over to a friends. tonite is soooo needed for me lol. i'm bringin my martini kit i won and mixin for some fixin. hehehe. happy tokin tonite!

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