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Happy B-day Princess Samantha

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, May 21, 2003.

  1. Here she is with cake!

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  2. before she got her cake..

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  3. did ya give her that smooch on the nose for me? i dont even mind all that pink icing

    happy birthday to your darlin

  4. God, she's adorable! Happy Birthday to her!
  5. mmmm i bet she's loving all that cake........happy b/day Samantha........Peace out........Sid

  6. I have already given her that smmoch on the nose for ya!

    You'll have to get the icing from some where else.. These were taking yesterday!
  7. ahhh..... BH, she is sooo adorable! i bet she is enjoying her cake! she is so cute!!! give her a hug and a kiss for me on her cute little cheeks!
  8. she's a doll...happy b'day Samantha!!!!
  9. She is absolutely, no doubt about ADORABLE!!!!!!! Hope she enjoyed her big day but she looked like she did. Happy bday to the princess samantha!!!!!!!
  10. Shes headed towards sleepy town right now.. Shes a bit tired from all the
  11. aaargh once again my lateness is present.

    happy bday Samantha
  12. lol, seesh, all these b-days, the bud house must be pritty busy! :)

    n happy bday to the lil one, bet that titans outfit is way to small now adays eh? lol :)

    gotta get her a new steelers one then! :)

  13. she's adorable BH... even with all the cake :)
  14. Oh I hope she had a happy birthday! She is absolutely beautiful. I always imagined that when I had a child that they would look like your daughter as I have dark hair and eyes. She is gorgeous. I also have a daughter-she is 6-Savannah is her name and a son-Tristen age 7. My daughter is very pretty but neither of my children look a bit like me-both have blue eyes and light hair.

    Woops I got off track-I was just trying to say that she is one of the most beautiful baby girls I have ever seen. I like her name too. How lucky you are daddy Budhead!
  15. Bud, she is adorable!! I can't believe she is a year old already. Bet she's got daddy wrapped around her little finger, too ;)!!
  16. You know she has daddy around her finger and everything that she wants she gets!

    Thats what kids are for isn't it??

    Thanks for all the great comments.. She'll be the city princess for ever!

  17. I think she's even cuter with the cake :D

    Happy Birthday Princess Samantha!!!!
  18. Happy Birthday sweetie from your Uncle BPP!

    She's a pretty little thing and you are a lucky dad.
  19. happy birthday little girl! :)


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