Happy All Saints Day

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Pot Geek, Nov 2, 2003.

  1. *Hums through a verse of "For All the Saints Who From Their Labours Rest"*

    Anyway... that means that last night was Halloween, and what a strange and unique Halloween it was for me.

    Last night was the first night I've ever hit the absolute peak of highness. I mean, I was totally freakin' high! I was tokkered. I was the pinnicle of stonedness. Whew, was I baked, blitzed, fried, toasted. In short, I was HAAMF!!

    I smoked a fat J full of pretty good weed (my own), between me and 2 friends at about 1:00 AM. Then later on, probably about 3:30, I smoked a bowl of some really good weed (from a friend) and that was between 3 of us total. Then at around 4:30, I became the possesser of a baggie with 1/8th of some amazingly damn good weed. So after already being really high, I smoke a bowl of this sticky icky diggidy dank between me and 3 other people.

    After chilling for a minute or two, I was superglued to the couch! I had a huge grin on my face that I couldn't get rid of. There was something that clicked. I felt like there was a piece of enlightenment that I'd found or something, although I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Damn, I was just plain high! :smoking:

    I finally got myself home around 6:00. Climbed in to bed, still HAAMF. I slept until about 7:15, when I woke up (still stoned) and had to go pee. I remember thinking "oh, so THIS is what it's like to wake up stoned!" I took a trip to the bathroom, then I went back to bed. I had some of the crazyiest friekiest weirdest and yet coolest dreams ever! I just wish I could remember them, but I remember them being really cool. Heh. :) I slept until about 2:30. It's a good thing that pot "hangovers" are actually kinda' fun. I've been kinda' glazed all day today, too. :smoke:
  2. u described the first time i smoked nuggs, haha

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