Happy 4th of July! 14% off discount code to use at The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store!

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    With a particularly large following in the USA we would like to take this opportunity to wish our American cousins a happy 4th of July from everyone at #TeamVault!

    To celebrate we are giving a 14% discount placed on all orders for the rest of July! Simply use discount code 4thJuly in the cart.

    Unfortunately, we still cannot accept credit cards outside of the UK / EU currently due to changing legislation but you can still pay by cash, cheque, bank transfer and Bitcoin, simply choose your preferred option in the cart and follow the on screen instructions.

    Customers in the UK and EU can still pay by credit card and can take advantage of the 4th of July 14% discount too of course to join in the celebrations :)

    Head on over to The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store at https://www.cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk to place your order now!
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  2. Got an email for a review from ya all. Hooked ya all up with an awesome review cause its the truth, , and thanks for the 4th of July wishes!! [​IMG]

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  3. Hey Vault Crew, Im trying to place an order well actually already placed an order im trying ti send cash its $49 bucks total with shipping and the july fourth discount rock and roll. my conundrum is do i just address the envelope and mail it with cash ? Im seeing that I may have to fill out a Customs form and they are asking way too many questions lol you knkw name address where the letters going and there name and yikes a little personal aint it :) im just wondering I dont have to fill out a customs form right?

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  4. hey buddy, I am not super familiar with the forms to be filled in from USA but we do get a fair bit of cash sent in with no problems, just refer to us as a gift company and you should be fine.

    Some people even make it look like a birthday present, card and cash! just make sure there is something in there so we can identify you, the name on the order would be plenty :)
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