happy 4/20 east coast!

Discussion in 'General' started by UCF-Toker, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. hope your is better than mine. i gotta get up early, study for a test, go get a hair cut, take a test, drive straight to work, then go to bed early cuz i have to get up at 6 for a test at 715 AM!

    anyway, HAPPY 420 GRASS CITY! :hello:

    smoke a couple bowls for your UCF comrad :hippie::smoke:
  2. back at ya. Just took my first hitt:smoke:
  3. do you have any plans today?

    i don't have class today so i'm going to rent some movies, get some good grub, and just have a weed munchie orgy for the better part of the day.
  4. hahaha jsut toked a bowl and in time for new south park thats on now at 12am
  5. hell yes east representing. love yall
  6. 12:29 IM HIGH! :bongin:

    happy 420 everybody!
  7. Happy 420 East Coast, and now central right?

    Man, I'm high right now...hells yeah HAPPY 4/20!
  8. Im a little high from my midnight bowl. Happy 4/20 to you too!
  9. high from first 4/20 smoke. :smoke:
  10. Yoo-Hooooo! :D Happy 420, everyone! Been smoking some mad shit since midnight.

    Hope everyone's 4/20 is happy and green!!!
  11. im smokin at 420 in the mornin



    psss peep the buds

  12. Happy 420 Westcoast! About to head to work right now but I get off at 3 so when I get off I'm gettin baked outta my mind.
  13. Happy 420 everyone :hello:, ^^ same boat as you man can't smoke till after work at 4.

    O well I have a huge joint rolled for the ride home :smoking:

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