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Happy 1000th Post To Me!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokin&tokin, May 8, 2003.

  1. Happy 1000th post to me! I am baked as a motha fucker right now, and this is exactly my 1000th post at this site! kewl shit! Ok everyone! I want some god damn post dancing for me!!!!! Just Kidding! Have a good night fellow stoners! peace. im out!
  2. critter those smileys are so cute:)
  3. Hot damn!! Congrats on the posts

    ::doing the 1000 post dance....with no socks on::

    That's all the nudity I can muster :D
  4. congrats! :doing the 1000 post white boy wiggle:
  5. I broke 700 earlier today and I've been here less than 2 months. Does that make me a post whore?
  6. ::does the 1000 post dance for smokin and the post whore dance for wang ending up in a comical knotted self::


  7. :: swingin around in my chair as if to attemp a 1000th post dance.. but alas my back is sore (and stomache muscle problems) so its a bit lame. ::

    all i can do to make up for it is to post a humerous pic of me trying to dance in my chair like a cripple.

    S&T joins the 1k+ club! :D

    Attached Files:

  8. LOL digit

    ill spin around in my chair with yas :p

    congrats ! :)
  9. was just spinning my chair with joy and hurt my knee. gonna go ice it. congrats on 1000!;)
  10. Happy 1000 post dance!!!!
  11. haha happy 700 th post Wang.... well, like 730 or something now!
  12. ::does 1000 post dance for s&t, 700 post dance for the wang... all while spinning around on the chair to be cool like digit::

    ::falls off the chair, 'cause you shouldn't spin on chairs and dance at the same time... it's just not safe::

  13. hehehe. leave teh "chair dancing" to the cripples cottons, its just not safe if you've got too much exhiliration. :D
  14. there'll be no dancing for me for a while. it feels like someone stuck a knife in my side, and every time i breathe (or move) it's like it's cutting deeper and deeper... i wonder if i pulled a muscle or something...

  15. that actually souds kinda like what i had.

    detatched stomache muscle. similar to a hernia.
  16. Happy 1000th from an "FNG"!


  17. i've had a couple pains in other areas that have me a little worried about a hernia. the main focus of it is on my right side, and it wraps around to almost my spine... and also hurts down south when i move certain ways or cough too hard... hurts like fuck.

    damnit... i hope i didn't give myself a hernia! :(

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