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Happiest Man Alive!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by phisher_man, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. Tonight was my second day at work and I was worrying that the people I work with were all stuck up and shit but tonight I found out that pretty much litteratly EVERYONE that works there smokes bud. Even the old guys and stuff. It's fuckin awesome and there's a dealer that works there thats way fuckin cool that is going out with a girl I went to grade school with and this dude says his 8ths of nugs are $20 and $35 for a quorter and from what the other people i work with said its legit, totally, straight up. so I'm pumped. So there. there's my little story.

    peace :smoke:
  2. that is sick!!!! u def got the hook up with that. My friend tokes with his bosses and co workers all the time durrin work.
  3. I wish more people at my work smoked.
  4. Yeah it's pretty cool... hopefully I'll actually get the opertunity to party with some of the people I work with. They seem way cool. And it's only my second day...


    oh and I found out, working about 3 days a week I'm going to be making anywhere from 400-500 a month. NOT BAD.
  5. Man thats wicked news, sounds like the dream job. Your a very lucky person.
  6. Cool. Basically every one of my co-workers smokes, but I think they're all idiots, so it was less exciting for me.
  7. damn is all the baller has to say
  8. even COOLER!

    Turns out one of the hosteses is a huge phishhead and she's going to see them in a few months. This is kickass!! :D


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