Happened to the worst person ever...

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  1. Ok so I just found out that my old dealer/buddy just won the lottery for a million dollars... I mean this kid was already making mad bank, he is 18 and pretty much has his own house(huge), cars, as much weed as he wants to smoke and now he wins a million fricken dollars! Like wtf im happy for him but I think someone else deserved to win or he shouldn't have lol, he's definitely a dirt bag too. I should ask him "Hey remember my car that you got impounded a couple years ago? Well are you gonna be paying me back in cash or what?"
  2. damn bro. ask him for some moolah. or atleast for some weed.
  3. i should huh. like i said hes a dirtbag so the chances are he wont give me shit.
  4. "I switched the motto: Instead of saying fuck tomorrow that buck that bought a bottle coulda struck the lotto."
  5. shit happens. whatever man.

    i would hate to win the lottery...i mean sure you get money thats great, but you also got a bunch of fake ass bitches kissing your ass to tryin get something out of you. And before you realize it you dont know who your real friends are, or which way is up man. Its just a big fuckin ploy.

  6. yea thats soo true bro. although if i won i would just tell the fake bitches like it is, u didnt talk to me then why u talkin to me now, peace! lol
  7. If he's making that much money off dealing then he's gonna get busted sooner or later, then his money won't mean shit.
  8. it could be worse...
    there could have been bears where you live


  9. I am willing to take that risk, so if you ever need a stand-in for a winning ticket. :hello::smoke:
  10. lol ya me too.
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    mannnnnnn if i won the lottery i know exactly what i'm going to do with the money. id hire a fuckin' bodyguard in disguise. if any douchebag fucks with me i just snap my fingers and he'll go APESHIT on DAT ASS. seeing a douchebag begging for mercy on his knees is priceless. then id high five him and go to McDonalds and toke and laugh for 3 hours.:cool::cool::cool::cool:

    oh...i also would then get into a 5some with 4 chicks. win.;):devious:;):devious:

    i want to get Arctic Fox as a pet. Just because they are fucking badass with their all white fur. teach it how to sit, lie down, and DO A BARREL ROLL.:D

    and the rest can go to making a farm in cali....:bongin::bongin::bongin: i dont need to explain do i?
  12. It's people like you that make winning the lottery a potential bad thing.
  13. Just beat him senselessly with a tire iron till he gives in. You know he will eventually...
  14. That was the first thing that came to my mind.

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