Hanna calibration sachets

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  1. I need to calibrate my hanna combo meter, problem is nowhere in my country stocks it. So i figure i will order off ebay. Looking at those sachets as they would be easier/cheaper to ship and maybe clear customs a little easier

    Are they single application sachets? Cos damn that shit's expensive if it is. What's the difference between sachet and bottle? Do i have to use hanna fluids in order to calibrate properly? I think i may have made a thread very similar to this in the past.. Anyway yeah i never calibrated when i got it, been at least 6 months still no calibration. I dipped it in some ph 7 fluid and it read around 7.1, also looks in range compared to a liquid drop test but yeah EC could be right out for all i know..
  2. Those little packets are one or 2 time use. I buy the big bottles of calibration solution because I have 3 Hanna grow check combo constant read meters to calibrated 3 times a year.
  3. Sorry to bump this old thread, rather bump than start a new one.

    So I bought the 230ml bottle of ph 7 and 4, how exactly do I use this solution? I feel like it would only be a one time use since its under just one cup worth of solution, these bottles are really expensive as well, how much of the bottle am I suppose to use?

    Also when adding storage solution in cap/sponge, how often should I add more solution? When sponge is kinda dry?

    Thanks for the help guys!
  4. I use a small ramekin that I stole from TGI Fridays to pour about an ounce or so. Just enough to cover the electrodes. Calibrate and tada ur done

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