hangovers suck, how do you get rid of them?

Discussion in 'General' started by nizate, May 8, 2006.

  1. I took an airborne tablet this morning, it helped a little.
    I find that going back to sleep makes it worse when you wake up again.
    How do you get rid of hangovers, besides downing water the night before?
  2. The thing that makes me feel most better is weed. Ill smoke a bowl and get stoned and I feel 10x better.
  3. You need to rehydrate your self and level off your body chemistry.
    Drink lots of liquids, eat something with lots of sodium, ramen noodles are a good choice. And always burn one, or two.
  4. eat something, drink as much water as you can. also i often find that a weak mix or a single shot taken right when you wake up can neutralize a hangover almost completely.
  5. i nevr get them
  6. saltine crackers and gatorade. if that doesnt work ill send you a 100 dollar check.
  7. i had a hangover yesterday. keep drinking water. it really helps. then smoke a bowl or 2. takes away the headaches and alot of the stomach cramping pains. then i usually pass out again for a while and wake up feeling alot better. if it real bad pop a couple tylenol.
  8. If you want to prevent it next time around... go to a Walgreens/CVS/Wal-Mart type of store and pick up a product called Chaser. If you follow all of the instructions then you shouldn't have a hangover the next time you drink. But for now... the gatorade and saltine crackers is the best for you! You're dehydrated and your body doesn't have enough salt. Drink the gatorade and eat the crackers and you'll be fine.

    -Antwan L.
  9. Shitloads of water/juice or whatever. Toast, and cigarettes. Paracetamol. *sort of * works for me.
  10. you'll never get a hangover again if you follow this simple step:

    when drinking, drink 8-16 oz of water (i usually go for 16).

    hangovers are caused because alcohol dehydrates you and constricts the blood vessles. you get the headache because your blood vessels in the brain are expanding so fast that it hurts. if you drink a lot of water. no constriction. no hangover.
  11. i always find the water method works very well!
  12. True that.

    I always have wake and bake the morning after. some advils liqui-gels, lots of water and eat crackers if you're going to eat.

    Try to be in dark place like a basement, doing something unstrenious.
  13. i usually smoke first off then try to drink about a gallon of water and then head down to the gym and sit in the steam room...i always feel amazing after about 10minutes in there
  14. try to drink the water before you go to bed (and no so much, because you will wake up because you have to piss).

    edit: p_squared, i love that picture.
  15. Chasers work and if you drink a cup of water in between your alcohol drinks you won't get a hangover cuz it keeps you hydrated.
  16. Chasers suck, people look at you funny if youre at a bar and popping pills every drink.

    besides id get high before i went out and never remember to take them.

    if you can remember, drink a full glass of water before bed, unless youre a wetter drunk.
  17. pretty much what they said...
    drink water/juice and eat bread foods to sober up some before you sleep
  18. my routine which I follow probably five mornings a week...(hey its college)

    Wake up, smoke a bowl of dank before anything else
    Take a piss
    Chug a gatorade, or a couple cups of water if that's all you have
    Take a hot shower
    eat some crackers or something similar
    Smoke two cigarettes on the way to class, or wherever.

    This usually works for me, pretty well.
  19. 1 shot = no more hangover

    2 shots = drunk, more hangover next day

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