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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Keith0100, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, i've only recently started smoking the wonderful herb (seven or eight times in total) but even when I smoke a relativly small amount (one joint) I feel increadbly sick and dizzy. For the next few days I'll feel this dizzy feeling, I also feel lightheaded and sick. I know weed lowers blood pressure, could this be the cause?

    Thanks in advance for your help :)
  2. sometimes when i smoke alot the next morning i feel nausea.

    so i'd recommend smoking less
  3. As everyone else has said, try smoking less next time.

    No matter how you're smoking, try taking a single hit and then seeing how you feel in 10-20 mins. If you're not feeling it, take another...etc.
  4. Cheers :) I just had a chat with a stoner friend (been smoking daily for 2 years) and he said to just cut back a bit till my tolerance builds a bit :)
  5. ha. ive never felt sick during/after high.
  6. Yeah i don't remember ever getting sick from weed, stoges yeah but not weed :confused:
  7. should where off after a while i usta get like this 2 know your limit i am a lightweight (smoking for 8 months) and i can only smoke a pinch and i get perty good anything more an i wake up with a headacke (if you do wake up wit a headake try taking a warm shower and eating somthing always has worked for me)
  8. Yeah man, i sometimes feel a bit light headed in the mornin'

    After a hard party weekend if i got it i always fix it by getting a nice breakfast at a close Diner :rolleyes:
  9. this!!
  10. Exactly, i used to have that problem, where I'd take a hit, not feel it, then immediately take another hit. I'd continue this for while, then it hits me like a train, and I feel like I smoke a lot more then i intended.

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