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  1. hey i'm just wondering is it just me or does it seem like theres a hangover with weed? Cause after i smoke the next day my eyes hurt bad. And i'm hella tired and just feel like crap. But its not like bad like alcohol hangover like less extreme.
  2. I think there is a hangover with weed depending on how much you smoke, whenever I smoke 3-4 days in a row I end up what people call "permafried" for a day or two. But it's never a negative, I usually feel very relaxed and happy, and stuff is still a little more amusing than I would usually consider it. So I'm not sure why you are having a negative experience, that seems bizzarre to me.
  3. i feel a slight buzz the next day after ive smoke alot and its nice and I laugh and fly. AHAHA
  4. yeah sometimes if i get real ripped i feel it into the next day, n i jus feel like shit. It defienetly feels better than bein hungover tho.
  5. if your smoking shit weed that might happen. Also if you smoke to much.

  6. haha yea well i usually smoke at night so i can get a good nights sleep and good dreams. And i did that everyday for 2 months. but now i'm taking a t-break. So that could've been why. but the weed i got is dank. lol.
  7. I sometimes get stomach aches after I smoke a lot but only with shitty weed.
  8. well said
  9. back when i smoked every day, all day, i would wake up in the morning confused as hell.
  10. Yep I get worse hangovers from weed then beer.
  11. It never effected my eyes, but I used to feel slow and tired the next day, especially when I first started smoking and had 0 tolerance but was determined to keep up with more experienced smokers.

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