hangover + weed experiences

Discussion in 'General' started by stealth1, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. got very drunk the other night and was drunk coming the next morning in to college,at the end of the last class had a few pulls off a joint.felt good then i needed to sit down and could not lift my head without spins n feeling like shit.after about an hour i felt better.then the hangover kicked in about an hour after and was brutal.
    this is strange to me as normally weed is nice the next morning and helps a shit lot. was it the hangover or the weed and drink?
    **(im baked  :smoke:  :) )**

  2. Could have been just smoking in general. It is known to make some queasy.

    I couldn't smoke ciggs or weed when I first started drinking but that will change. Just always smoke slowly when drinking, if you want to try it again.
  3. i smoke alot of bud though
  4. this^^^
    its called smoking yourself out or something. too much of any smoke will make you sick
  5. there are some mornings when weed sounds like the best thing in the world and others when it sounds completely stomach wrenching. you kind of have to feel it out, i guess this comes with experience. also depends on how much you drank the night before..
  6. im thinkin now that im unfortunately no longer stoned that i was still drunk and got the spins from weed n drink combo.

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