Hangover Part 3?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Big_Bud, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Anybody here seen hangover 3?
    I've heard some really mixed reviews.
    Is the final part to the unintended trilogy a flop?

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    Considering how bad 2 was, and that 1 wasnt very good either, I dont think you need to ask.  But yeah, it was terrible, and I only paid 2.50 to see it, and I thought it sucked.  Then again, I think they are all terrible actors and the movie series was over rated, so clearly I am biased 
  3. I thought it was better than 2 in my opinion. But the problem I have with the Hangover series is the characters don't evolve in anyway. They all get married by the end but they are all the same assholes. I would just wait and rent it to be honest.
    Alan has most def evolved since the first one.
  5. I liked it better than hangover 2.
    Saw it last night actually.
    Watch the credits!
  6. dat was pretty intrs

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