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Hangover/bad comedown from weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Northern_Stoner, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Since I started frequenting these forums I'll occasionally see posts about weed "hangovers" and "comedowns".
    Some people will say they feel burnt out, groggy, and not clear headed the next day or during/after the comedown. In my 6 years of smoking I've never heard about this happening where I live.
    When I first start smoking I'll get this slight buzz/all around good feeling going on and then within a few minutes it'll hit me and start going up from there reaching plateau in about 10min after smoking. Then when the high starts wearing off it'll do just that and gradually get weaker until I'm back to regular sobriety.
    I've never had any negative effects after smoking, my thinking is normal, in fact everything is normal, it's no different than being sober except I'll actually be in a better mood because I just had a nice session :)
    I can smoke and smoke and smoke for hours until I just pass out and when I wake up it'll be just like what I described above (this has happened a few times).

    Do these negative effects happen only when poorer quality weed is smoked?
    Has anyone had a bad comedown from smoking real dank weed?
    For those who have had these, what's it like?
  2. Never had a bad comedown from weed, but when your burnout all i feel is tired, being burnout sometimes sucks your high but your sober at the same time and you just feel tired..but it could never be as bad as a hangover from alcohol, not even close. Any weed can make you feel this way good weed, bad weed depends on the strain if it makes you sleepy or energetic high.
  3. I've felt burned out from weed, but it was a really intense high so.

    edit: note that i am not an experienced smoker.
  4. if your not feeling any of these effects either your smoking god's weed, or your not smoking weed at all.
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  5. what? comedown off weed?? LOL some of you, its just weed. drop some beans and se how much of a comedown your on the next day.

    weed has no real adverse affects when compared to actual drugs.
  6. the crash after rollin on E?...oh god...i can just say, that crash is the worst, and id rather be hungover from cheap dollar vodka than from E

    as for weed, i get a mild feeling behind my eyes if i come down from a smoke out...but if im just regularly tokin i come down with a little bit of tiredness, but nothing bothersome...
  7. i just get tired
    it happens with all kinds of weed, but is much more noticeable with mids than dank
  8. the one and only time i smoked regs, i had a hangover the next day, tired and stuffy with a runny nose. i only smoke chron and it helps my allergies
  9. ya i never had a "bad comedown" from weed...ill just pass out and wake up and be sober again!
  10. I used to get burned out for the whole next day when I first started my love affair with MJ. I think it was the brownies though, me and three of my friends, who had no tolerance what so ever, used an O. We were fucking friend, great feeling though.
  11. I wouldn't call it a hangover or a bad comedown, but for example I was doing a gravity bong last night (first time in 8 years, i was cleaning out my garage and found all of the supplies thought i would give it a whirl) and i woke up this morning kinda groggy and puffy eyed... i guess it is more or less still being high....but that is my experience
  12. If I get blazed and fall asleep high, I still feel somewhat stoned the next morning. I wouldn't call it a bad comedown, because being high is one of the best feelings in the world.
  13. i know after a big cheifin session and i fall asleep still high, in the morning I feel like there is an intense amount of pressure on my eyes. Kinda like what galucoma is described like.
  14. yeah its all about fallin asleep high, i had to go on vacation w/o my parents the other day and i had 2 grams of decent shit left that i couldnt take with me and i know my parents woulda searched my room (they did, my matress was moved when i got back) so i just put it all to my dome in a sitting. second or third highest ive ever been in my life. and this was at 4 in the morning (was still smokin at 4:20 :D) anyway when i woke up i had the most intense wake up high ever. you know the feeling when you get woken up by an alarm clock or someone wakes you up before you wake up on your own, how good it feels to shut your eyes and try and go back to sleep directly afterwards and your all comfortable and groggy and warm. its like that but times 10.
  15. Sometimes if I get pretty stoned the night before AND eat A LOT of food, I might wake up the next day and not want to eat for the whole day. I don't even want to smoke my stomach doesn't feel too bad, just weird. However the other day I woke up after smoking and eating a ton and had a shit load of anxiety for no reason along with my stomach hangover. This can happen with mids or dank.
  16. i kinda had a weed hangover for my frist time, where i smoked ak.... hardocre i kno... bbut i was destroyed for more than 5 hours... then the next day i felt a little groggy and still felt a little high tooo.. prob just me tho cuz i passed out high.. idk but that was the only time i had anything like a weed hangover or a burnt out feeling
  17. Yea if the weed is low quality you may have an unpleasant comedown. But everytime I've smoked good ganja I've never had a comedown
  18. Yeah, the shit I smoke is usually cheap shwagg, fuck being broke.
  19. if u feel hungover or foggy headed afterwards u prolly smoked sumthin that was laced or soaped
  20. i usually feel tired as fuck afterwards... idk bout anyone else but if i smoke again like right on my comedown i dont seem to rly get much higher... just more out of it.. am i alone here?

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