Hanging weights on your plant

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by urgr8estfear, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. I know it sounds silly :p but I just hung up some weights in my plants.

    This because I put it in flowering and I heard cutting off parts fan leaves and tops is a bad thing to do during flowering.

    I want to bend the highest tops in my plant a bit so that they level out more nicely with other tops in the plant.
    Because my plant is wider then the pot its in i cannot use a little string and tie it up at the top and at the pot because then it will bend inwards and not outwards.

    Is there anybody out there with some experience in this?
  2. you can still use string. What I did with mine is instead of putting the string up high and pulling down the top... I put the string lower, about midway on each branch and pulled down making like a J shape with each shoot... This evened out the canopy really well, and all buds produced nice and fat as if it was a main top bud. was like a nice chandlier of buds.

    I guess weights would work too.. I know a few times I'd lst small plants, and the wire hangers would pull out of the soil, but would still be enough weight to keep it down LOL. No harm done by this, so I don;t see why you couldn;t do it on a larger scale with heavier weights.

  3. i think its a great idea, itd probably grow more buds, because the plant would grow to hold more weight, but as for inwards outwards and how to do it ur on ur own

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