hanging Out Vs It Being A Date

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  1. So when i ask to chill with girls im interested ill ask them to "hang out". So i asked this girl im interested in ( I gave her a call a few days in advanced) to hang  out and catch a movie and dinner. Was just wondering if any girls could give some input on this. Does it matter of the wording "hanging out" or going on a date? Or is it both the same when its just really 1 on 1?

  2. Girls always speak in code and she knows exactly what you're meaning
  3. Nah, saying date is unecessary and you want to keep her guessing. Hang out is pretty obvious, especially if its just the two of you.
  4. the thing about dating is not to say the word dating.
    you chill, you hang out, you kick it, you meet up. you dont date playa.
  5. "Hang out" seems to be the general term for it all these days. Try changing the tone of your voice around, see what that does.
    It's both the same though :smoke:
  6. lol. this reminds when I asked a girl out on a date and I used the word "date".  and she told me I was the first guy ever to say that lol. now that I think about it it sounds stupid and puts too much pressure on the girl and might freak her out. 
    hanging out is fine i think, if you are hanging out one on one then you kiss her or whatever she'll know that you like her more than just hanging out. plus what kind of guy just asks a girl he doesn't like to hang out. 
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    You: Hey wanna grab dinner? - yeah, I'm pretty sure you could even tell her it's a hang out session and she's going to assume it's a date. A guy and girl don't grab dinner without it being a date unless they're already established friends and it's just a time to catch up because they haven't seen each other in awhile.
    You: Hey, wanna grab a coffee?
    Her: Is it a date?
    You: Do you want it to be?(she might now land you in the indeciseive zone...then again she might think it's funny and play along, but definitely make sure you tell her your serious view on it before too late)
    You: Hey, wanna grab a coffee?
    Her: Is it a date?
    You: Yes(if you intended it to be)
    You: Hey, wanna grab a coffee?
    Her: Is it a date?
    You: No(if you actually just want to be her friend)
    You: Hey, wanna grab a coffee?
    Her: Sure!
    You on the date: *kisses her/arm around her, what ever* she knows it's a date now.
    You on the hang out session: *has coffee, conversates, goes your own way* she thinks all you wanted to do was hang out with her. Friendzoned.
  8. Ended making moves on her during the "hang out", held her hand, made out. All was good, wished i got head though but thats okay, next time!
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    Next time you go out with her, mention how you like to blow on hot drinks before you drink them. How your leaf blower was malfunctioning. How some movie or book "blows". How funny little children are when they blow out birthday candles.
    She'll be lickin' your knob in no time.
  10. this doeee
    Ive never, and will never in the forseeable future say "hey, can I take you out on a date?" 
    instead I've always gone the route of hang out kick it chill etc. best way for young folks imo (as in 25 n under age)
  11. haha youre lying but man i needa catch some head. Shes two years older than me too ;)
  12. "You don't date playa"
    Words of the wise

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  13. "Hang out" with her ;) Who cares how you say it via phone, it's all about the moves you make in PERSON.
    Forrel doe.
  14. its the same. just labeling things. in the end, u r still spending time together, getting to know each other, and learning about the other person

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