Hanging/Falling over-leaves

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by kizeryakuza, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Hello fellow growers !
    just one question, what does it mean when the leaves are more vertical than horizontal? im thinking maybe too much water, dunno. its only happening to one plant so im assuming my growing conditions are ok.
    ive got a 400w HPS, using a 23L pot per plant (small i know, but limited with growing closet dimensions). soil contains plenty perlite and ph of 5-6.5. slight watering evering two days, with organic ferts every 10 days. still in growing period. about 6 weeks out.

    thnx a lot !
  2. all the leaves of two plants are completely vertical, hanging. possibly dead? the top has started tipping over as well. any suggestions??

  3. Could be underwatering. You say they are in small pots, do I understand that these are 23 litres? That's over 6 gallons, that's not so small.

    Stick your finger down into the soil, to about the 2nd knuckle -- how does it feel? When you do water, don't just water slightly, water thoroughly, slowly so as not to flood the soil but keep it going until it starts to run out the bottom drainage holes.

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