hanging a t5

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by OCDgrow, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. My veg box is only 48 inches high so i want to use all the space i can. When i opened the sunblaze i didnt know the v-wire was going to be so long.....then you add in the progrip ratchet and i lose a few more inches.

    Anyone screw some eye hooks to the top of these or changed it so you can raise it all the way to the top? I just dont want to screw into the top and break anything inside. Pics would be great but not neccessary.
  2. I prefer to hang my T5 on chains, it's a hassle to adjust , but simple and very effective
  3. I took apart my 6 lamp t5 for the same reason an did exactly that. The cable whips were like 10" so I put eye hooks in them and added some jack chain to hang it. I now can put it inches from the ceiling. I also added another switch so switch both ballast inside. One for the 4 lamp ad one for the 2 lamp just for a little more versatility.

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