Hanging 4ft Flourescent Lights ***Help***

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by SkarlocdSmokes, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. So im at a stand still with constructing my grow room, i have 3: 4ft flourescent llghts and i want to hang them horizontally on about a 5ft wall BUT i have not come with 1 possible way to rig these things up to the wall... i need some ideas to help hang these lights up guyz plz HELP!!!


    Pics!!!!sorry about how big they are
    back of the lights

    turn your head to the left ...

    now turn your head right ..
    thats kinda the idea!
  2. No pics. Pull the bulbs out and remove the cover for the ballast. You can mount them from the inside. Not sure if this is what your question is. Explain if different question.
  3. And make sure you screw into studs. If yours are 16"oc then you have 3 studs. Obviously there are only 2 if they are 2' oc.(on center)
  4. Or just make a light hanging frame out of pvc. easy and cheap and no holes in walls
  5. with my fluros i use metal hooks on the ceiling and ratchet straps... that makes it really easy to keep the lights 3-4 inches away from the plants..

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