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Hangin out with non pot smokers.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Craving, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. You all got those non weed friends right? You ever chill with them blazed and they know? Or is it awkward for them?
    Do you even hang out with them blazed?

    I for one hang out with them a lil high without them knowing, but usually I'm sober with em.
  2. i have 3 friends, and they all smoke.. oh actually nah my dog is impossible to get high
  3. [quote name='"Craving"']You all got those non weed friends right? You ever chill with them blazed and they know? Or is it awkward for them?
    Do you even hang out with them blazed?

    I for one hang out with them a lil high without them knowing, but usually I'm sober with em.[/quote]

    None of my friends that don't smoke care if I do.
  4. Man alot of my friends are those friends and I always hang out with them rite fried but if I'm sober around them theyre always like damn josh isn't normal because he's not high
  5. I have a group of friends I usually hang out with and only one smokes with me regularly, one I have smoked up 6 times and never got high somehow even off huge bong rips, and the others are nonsmokers and I hang around them really high a lot and they never mind.
  6. i'm a nonsmoker and i love you all and this forum :D

    doesn't bother me to hang out with friends when they're stoned, they're just convinced that i'm a closet stoner.

    on that topic, does anyone know if there's a thread for nonsmokers like me who just like the community, the plant, & want it to get the fuck legalized? thinking about making one with a questionnaire about reasons for not smoking, ever smoked in the past, why choose this forum, etc.
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  7. I smoke with most my friends, if I'm stoned I'd rather be around my stoner friends even if they are sober. They just relate to me a little better. Although I am asking a non stoner out on a date, she will be eventually

  8. Wow I've never seen anyone on this site that doesn't smoke. But thats chill, welcome to the city. Im glad to know there are some normal people out in this world haha.

    Maybe one day u will start smoking, but i won't pressure u :cool:
  9. I had a friend who was simply against cannabis. He absolutely hated it, and probably had never seen it first hand. Point being he had no idea I smoked and We were friends for a year or so. No Problems. We were in a band together and he even would complement my songwriting, playing etc. One day he found out I smoked and suddenly I was this low life, fucked up, not going anywhere piece of shit... Hence the "were" friends.

    Separate story:

    My "real" friends know and dont are if I do it around them, in general, as long as your respectful etc. But who wouldnt be.

    Also, they see that Im always completely functional, productive, and a regular joe. If they notice for any reason I'm not, theyre always good to slap me and tell me to get my shit together. Thats where you figure out who really has your back
  10. ha, thanks, been here for a couple of years, just started posting more recently though, & mostly hang out in the aquarium thread.

    i've tried it a few times; don't like it, but one of my main hobbies is horticulture (& i like building hydro shit), & cannabis plants are gorgeous ;) i'm thinking about getting my caregiver card & growing. never a shortage of taste-testers, lol.

    don't want to derail the thread though.
  11. I have friends that don't toke that I want to be high around, and I have friends that don't toke that I definitely don't want to be high around.

    Both groups know about my cannabis use, but I like the way I act around the second group more when I am sober, so I choose to abstain around them.
  12. I don't have friends like that, but I know people that judge me when I'm high and around them. Honestly makes me want to litterally kill them. Stupid fucking ignorant people, get off your high horse.
  13. When it comes to smoking, all of my friends fall into 3 categories:

    1. All day, every day smokers.

    2. Every night or every other night smokers

    3. Smokes on the weekends, when drunk

    I'm from Michigan and it's rare to meet anyone in their 20's here that doesn't smoke weed at all. I smoke with some friends more than others but the ones who don't all the time aren't bothered by it because we always have good conversation. :smoke:
  14. As far as school friends, most of them dont smoke except 1 who i toke with all the time. non school friends most smoke

  15. Yea man, I dont weant to hack this thread but I gotta say this really pisses me off too. Today In school I was pretty blazed all my friends were being dicks about it, talking about how its addictive and shit when he smokes cigarettes.
  16. The friends I have who don't smoke don't care if I'll stoned or not. They also know that if they come to my house I be smoking when we chill.

    I always offer them a rip and when they say "no" or laugh I just tell them to let me know when they are ready. I've converted a few that way when they can watch me smoke and start to realize it's not bad.
  17. Some of my friends don't smoke, they don't care, they think I'm hilarious when im high anyway. :D
  18. All of my friends smoke, or have smoked and stopped. So I geuss I have a couple who don't smoke but its not ackward or anything because they used to themselves.

  19. I don't smoke anymore, or if I do it is not very often at all.

    I guess I'm kind of like the person you described but yeah all my friends smoke now, and it doesn't bother me if they do it in front of me lol. Its just a hobby for some.
  20. yeah i do, if im with my friends who dont smoke and there okay with it theyll just go oh your high n ill be like ye, like always. If im around people who dont smoke and against it and they realise im high they try and act all high and mighty and look down on me and say derogatory comments (sometimes) so i just turn around and as blunt as possible say "im more functional then you high, being high doesnt make me a zombie or less of a human being, so get your facts right shut the fuck up or get the fuck away from me, cunt" works most of the time.

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