Hang dry or screen?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by nitty917, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. What is more efficient and better quality wise?
    Differences in hanging them and laying them on screen, screen seems to be the fast method, but do you lose any potency or anything?
  2. I doubt you'd lose any potency at all, and I cant see why screen drying would be any quicker. I'm going to hang dry, just cause I don't want the buds laying on some screen I'd rather have them left alone and untouched cause I'm OCD like that :hello:
  3. oh i meant fast in just laying them out then taking time hangin,
    not in faster drying process all together.

  4. oh.. lol.. they can both be pretty fast lol. hang dry is easier and cheap. just get some string, run it in a straight line, and hang the buds. make sure they dont touch, and its a done deal.
  5. why cant they touch?
    mold or what happens? i have them pretty crowded but not on top of each other? should the have adequate space in between?
  6. they need more air to circulate to dry the buds more evenly also to help prevent with mold etc
  7. Hang drying is definitely not easier--at least not if you plan on trimming before hanging as most people do. What I do is cut the central cola off, trim it, and hang it whole. Then I go through the rest of the plant and clip all the buds off. It's much easier to work with a single bud that fits in your hand than it is to maneuver a whole tree. The drawback in my opinion is that it is easier to gauge the degree to which your herb is dried when they are left on the stalk. But with screens you can put all the like sized buds together on one screen and they dry at roughly the same time. Try to use all the same size screes and have an extra to use for flipping your buds. Put it on top of the screen the buds are on and then just flip the whole screen at once. This saves a lot of time.

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