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Discussion in 'General' started by MrGers, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Which is more important: the hand shake when you first see someone or when you leave their presence?
  2. When you leave?
  3. any reason why?
  4. Oh nvm, somehow I missed the poll. I guess it would actually be the first handshake thats most important to me.
    Men I dont care about, but a womans hand shake says a lot about her to me.
  5. i think it depends on if youre first meeting someone or not. if youre first meeting someone, you want to make a good first impression. so that one would be more important
  6. You should have a poll option that says they are both equally important. But handshakes in general are only important to me in a professional meeting or setting. In a casual setting I prefer to not shake at all, it's just not me.
  7. It depends on how well you know them...

    First time meeting them? - Handshake FIRST

    Best buds - Handshake when you leave
  8. I shake hands constantly.

    With new people, the one when you meet them. With friends and acquaintances, the one when you leave.
  9. If you're meeting somebody for the first time obviously you need to make a good solid hand shake but i find a nod usually suffices when you part ways, maybe i'm just a total arsehole but i always think people seem like eager little bitches when they try to shake your hand as your paths diverge.
  10. When you first meet them, the reason we shake hands to begin with is to show that we're unarmed and mean no ill intentions or that's how it started
  11. Business or work I'll shake when I meet them. Or if its one of my parents friends or something like that. But friends and all shake when they leave.
  12. both. sometimes i shake peoples hands, sometimes i give em a nod. if theyre very close friends or i havent seen em in a while, i give em the handshake hug thing.
  13. did you also know that the reason you clink glasses during a toast is so that if the motherucker you're drinking with has poisoned your dram some will splash into his glass too. no shit, traditionally a toast involving the clinking of glasses was a hearty affair.
  14. when people would drink out of big heavy steins you're supposed to smash them together so hard that essentially half the drink switches. If you ever get to drink out of real heavy steins do this, its fun as hell!
  15. I use my hand for the PUSSY!
  16. On a side note:

    Historically a handshake originates from a log time ago showing the other party you have no bad intentions (by holding a weapon in your hands)
  17. I really only ghetto handshake like most people in highschool/college but I'd probably say a handshake when you meet a person is more important

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