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Hands VS Grinder?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by atheism101, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. How do you guys like to break up your weed? I understand that some people do both depending on what you're using to smoke. I'm interested to hear your guys' perspective. I've never used a grinder, and wondering if it's worth the money (even though it is relatively cheap)
  2. i like grinders better, feel like it smokes better in a joint
  3. Definitely use grinders for joints or blunts. Burns alot better. I usually use my hands if I'm using a bong or something but for the most part I use my grinder c:
  4. Grinders are cheap. Don't waste your money buying a brand name grinder for $70, they're all made in China and you can buy a 100 of them from DHGate for $75. You can get wood ones for less than $5 on amazon, plastic ones for free quite often when you buy something online, and a decent metal one for $10 or under depending on size and features. Each grinds to a little bit different consistency but they all work fine. So, find a cheap one online or in a headshop and try it out. For some things you'll like it, for others you may not.
  5. i religiously use a grinder even if I'm smoking only .2g out of a bong. But man when i look in my grinder teeth they are covered with trichomes, makes me think if some is being wasted

  6. better in the grinder and on the teeth than on your fingers and wiping them off
  7. it is only wasted if you don't clean out your grinder every once in a while.
  8. Once your grinder is coated in trichomes, It's not going to keep accumulating. It's seasoned and starts trading. Meaning, your ground weed may leave some behind, but it's also going to be picking some up, so it all equals out. The only 'lost' trichomes are the ones that were left behind when you first started using it.
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    I find the bowls I used to load by hand never burned super even. My bowls loaded with my grinder burn even all the way through. I'm grinders all the way now
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  10. If you do opt to get a grinder I highly recommend getting one with a screen in the bottom of it as to catch keif. this is my grinder cost me 15$ at a local head shop. [​IMG]

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  11. get a bullet grinder off ebay, theyres like $5 and theyre the same the shops sell for $30. It has a nice 2nd chamber to catch kief.

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