Handmade Pine Slide Stands By BluntRide

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by BluntRide, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. The other night I was chilling at my friends apartment, in their basement which was set up to be a wood shop. My friends were working on making replica swords and shields from the Renaissance time period out of wood. Im not into that as much as they are but i wanted to try my hand at wood working, so I picked up some of there scraps and sand paper and came up with these.....:smoke:

    Both are made out of pine and hand sanded....



    almost forgot, Had to represent for my favorite Community :D
    Reverse side of the first stand.

    Let me know what you guys think:smoke:
  2. Like the fourth one from the top the best... I think the sharpie name on it looks gaudy.
  3. Nice work dude, I'd pay for the second design. Those would look exceptional with ebony wood
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  5. id buy one. whats your paypal?

    i seriously think grass city should have a classified section. all the other forums have it. we should just be able to sell none parfanelia. which means clean glass, no resonated over pieces. Basically anything is what im trying to say.
  6. Looks real tight. My friend has a wood table in his "smoke room" if you wanna call it that and he just drilled holes into it to put the slides in lmao, what you did is certainly better. Definitely a good idea :hello:, now you just gotta clean those slides ;)
  7. I was wondering what all the other shit in that link was, but what's a phishing scam if you wouldn't mind explaining?
  8. im not to sure exactly but i came across a thread yesterday whith the exact same link...the element fx one and some guy explained that when the fake grasscity page asks you to re log in it steals your info, i guess then it could steal your pay pal infor or other valuble info.
  9. Nice work. IMHO, it would look really good with a coat or two of stain.
  10. Thanks guys. Not bad for my first try.

    I do agree that the name looks gaudy on the front. When I first finished it I though it needed something, once I put my name on it, I didn't like it lol

    Holes in the table sounds like a good idea lol

    a Polish stoner -- If your really interested, PM me and maybe we can work something out.

    Back to the one with the name on it, i decided today that I didn't like it at all and decided to grab the sand paper and get rid of it. To my surprise all of the marker came off...


    Looks much better with it off of there, and like SmokinD said, I think I am going to stain it.

    Cleaned my slides to.....:D
  11. Sick man, how long did it take you to make those? They look really nice and I would buy one if I had enough slides to put on it or the money lol. +rep
  12. Thanks, they took me about 2 hours or so, with smoke breaks included lol, the sanding is what took the most time.
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    That looks awesome. Good job man.
  14. Was back over at my friends apartment last night. Decided to go and pick up some knot free pine and came up with this one. Took a little longer then the others, and went through a few changes until I was happy with it. Let me know what you think....

  15. I'd buy one if i had the dinero hahahaha. Nice work man
  16. These are all awesome... I'd definitely pay to own one. Good fucking handiwork man...

  17. I agree. Wood burning would be an awesome option using stencils...then you can start a biz.

    I would buy one though of your latest one.
  18. Thanks guys. :D

    Ive been thinking about making a few to sell but Im not sure how to go about doing that.
  19. Just take some PMs for custom designs...see how that goes...then start business research.
  20. Nice work dude. If I had enough slides I would definitely buy one.

    You might have a good business opportunity here.

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