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    I started making these to pass the time and have had a great response. All are completely hand formed with no magic tricks performed...lol. Some are made of 90% silver coins and some are copper clad. Feel free to post any questions you may have, I have a large amount of stock. They make great gifts!

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  2. Very creative. How much would a bunch go for?
    Pardon the pun, but it would be a bunch of money. Seriously though these are handmade and do take a considerable amount of time to make. But I would make as many as you'd like. ;)
  4. I understand. Just gonna do some Q&A on you because I have never seen rings made by coins. How much does one take to make?
  5. These are really cool.  I have been thinking about making myself a coin ring for a while now.  What method do you use for getting a perfect centered hole to start out with?  That is probably the only technical part of the process I still need to figure out.  After watching several hours worth of videos on the process I think I have the rest, including annealing, understood.  I agree it is a time consuming process.  If you haven't tried it yet, you can get a nice patina on the silver rings using a boiled egg and a sandwich bag.  The sulfur in the egg will give it a black tarnish all over and you can use a polish rag to clean up the raised areas for a cool contrast.  When it wears off you just repeat the process.
  6. Are you selling them? Look slick as hell

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    Yes finding the true center is very important, but there's ways to deal with it. The best way I have is my trusty eye.The sulfur does work well for patina. 
  8. Thank you for the compliment. Yes I'm back to taking orders for the rings. I still have plenty of Kennedy half dollars and a beautiful 1942 Walking Liberty that needs a home. 
  9. What are you charging? Ship to Canada? Got pictures of the ones on sale?

  10. I charge $45 for the Kennedy half dollars and $65 for the Walking Liberty. The Walking Liberty is still in it's con form. Paid too much for it to make it without knowing the size I'm shooting for. I can get specific years or coins that someone may want too.

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