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Handle Your Shit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Russia, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. #1 Russia, Nov 29, 2011
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    If you are pothead, please handle your shit:
    Take care of your responsibilities like work and school
    Respect your parents- if they don't want you smoking in their house then don't. Find yourself a spot.
    If money for weed/gear is an issue, get a job. If your job doesn't pay enough, then get another source of income (another job, an investment, whatever), start growing, or adjust your intake accordingly. Bills are much more important than getting high.
    Don't smoke more than you can handle and start flipping out and annoying everyone
    If you have a drug test, then plan accordingly and don't smoke
    If you want to know how much your bag weighs, buy or borrow a scale. Don't ask the internet.
    If you think your weed was laced, then don't buy from that source again
    Don't give someone money to get you weed unless you trust them completely
    If you live somewhere where you're not supposed to have weed, stash it in an airtight container

    There's so many threads that I see in this section that can be answered with "Just handle your shit". Take your life into your own hands and make changes so that you can have what you want. It's amazing how many problems go away when you are proactive.
    Weed will never be legalized if the perception of stoners as a drain on society persists. Thus, it's in all of our interests to be responsible and prove the stereotypes wrong.
  2. This should be a sticky, along with "No, it wasn't laced. No, we can't precisely eyeball your bag. No, you probably won't pass the test you have tomorrow"

  3. Great points. I'll add them.
  4. Yeah but...

    Dont u realize all the kids on here are complete retards?
  5. idk, sounds like some people are too worried about dumb shit

  6. ^truth. i'm finally starting to get all this shit together and it makes me feel 100x better about my smoking as a hobby. +rep man.
  7. Too bad all the people who ask those question will most likely disregard this useful information and post their threads anyway.
  8. Bump because I've seen some really stupid threads today
  9. Gooood shhhit.

  10. Unfortunately, even if one is not a pot head, many still cannot handle their shit. Many people are dumb. Dumb cannot be cured. The majority of this forum being in America doesn't help either.
  11. Finally! Someone who understands my frustration!
  12. #12 StickyxLover, Nov 30, 2011
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    True. Don't front people cash for your bag either usually ends up not good in the end. Important right there.
  13. this thread should be a sticky..
    + rep to you sir.
  14. Very good thread you apprentices better heed this thread.
  15. This is a great thread.
  16. Not even trying to clown, this could actually be a really good sticky.
  17. #18 Russia, Nov 30, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 30, 2011
    I think it's too simplistic to just label people as dumb. Unless someone has a legitimate mental handicap or learning disability, then they have the potential for common sense. And really, that's all this thread is about- common sense. So why is common sense so uncommon?

    A research psychologist would be best suited to answer that question, but I don't know any. Here's my view- "dumb" people have problems either with inertia or pressure.

    Inertia is strongly related to laziness. Basically, laziness is perpetuated because it is easier to stick to a routine based on reacting to transient desires than a routine based on long-term desires. Initiating change is the most difficult part of breaking inertia- this is analogous to stopping a car moving fast in the wrong direction and turning it around.

    Pressure is related to societal pressures and cognitive dissonance. Peer pressure as well as societal expectations play a major role here. Peer pressure's role is obvious- it is strongly related to cognitive dissonance. People generally know what choices are responsible relative to one another, but they convince themselves that they are making the right choice because others are making the same choice- even if that choice is wrong or irresponsible. Among younger people, cognitive dissonance rears its head again in the form of "it won't happen to me". Those 5 words convey a very broad concept- they relate to being arrested, health effects, drug testing, and many other issues that can arise when one uses marijuana.

    I don't know how to prevent these factors. I guess when we do, we'll have a lot fewer dumb people around. In the meantime, we would all do well to self-reflect and recognize our own weaknesses and prejudices.

    Great point. Adding it to the list.
  18. Smoke pot? Anyone, no good cause it's bad for you.
  19. Great thread my man, couldn't have said it better myself.

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