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Handheld Vapes.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by No Bromo, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. What's up GC.
    My question today is about handheld vapes. My friend recently purchased a new handheld vape, and for some reason everytime we smoke it I don't get high. He packed at least a gram of dank into it over time and I kept inhaling as hard as I could. Finally, I said that we should pack a bowl in his bong, and after that I was high for sure.
    Could it be that the brand of vape he got was just bad? He said it cost a little less then 200$ so I would hope that it would work.
    I guess I'm just confused to why a nice handheld vape wouldn't get me high. I've used it 3 times since he's got it and had no luck. Any ideas, GC?
  2. Hit it again.

  3. He's at college in another state. But I used it a lot the 3 times he broke it out and it didn't work, so.....
  4. Personally when i use my vaporizer i feel a different high as apposed to using my bong or smoking a joint. It could've been a high that you weren't used to feeling maybe? other than that i have no idea lol. was he getting high?
  5. Yeah man, even when he invited other people over they were getting high. I was very confused. They all smoke much, much less then me though so idk if that was maybe why. And I know I felt SOMETHING, but I wasn't "high". It just made me feel like I smoked a black n mild or something.
  6. Yeah, vapes can give you a different type of feeling high. It does for me at least, so that was probably it.
  7. the first time i used a handheld vape it took me a little getting used to. my friend just told me to pull "medium and consistent" not to hard, not to soft. before i knew it i was ripped.
  8. Now tthat i think about it and use it lol you do get better rips when consistently inhaling at a slower pace such as ^
  9. Damn, I was pulling as hard as I could... I thought that would be the best thing to do.

  10. nah the harder you pull the LESS vapor you get :D
    slower the pull the MORE vapor you get cause it gets hotter. Also the high a vaporizer gives is a lot more clean high that feels a good bit different than smoking does
  11. Yea you didn't hit it correctly. Keep in mind for a vape, you are having hot air move over the bud to vaporize the thc. The slower you pull, the longer the hot air stays over the bud.
  12. Okay, well that answered my question. The fucked up part is that my friend threw down 200$ on something he knew nothing about..
  13. Is the reason the high is different because it is only heating the THC and not the other cannabinoids?
  14. I've been a daily vaporgenie user for over a year now. it gets me ripped every time off the smallest amount of chronic. The high is a bit different, but not incredibly noticable; its THC either way. If you suck very slow, keeping the lip of the flame above the metal, for a good 6 seconds, you should get a good hit. You'll know youre vaping well if you get a thick cloud of white, translusent, natural smelling vapor, yet the finished bowl is still a light/medium brown
  15. Ya, when I smoked I would only get the "vapor" looking shit maybe 1/10 times..
  16. 1. This should to be moved to apprentice tokers
    2. What type of vap are we talking about? What brand?
    3. Vap highs are different to highs from smoking. The vap will give you more of a head high, while smoking will give you a body high as well as the head high.
    4. To get a good amount of vapor you should inhale slowly, to let the herb heat up evenly and high enough to release the cannaboids
    5. Grind up your herb
    6. Read the instructions that came with the vap

    Hope you figure it all out in time.
  17. I could be wrong, but to my knowledge vaporizing at <400f, thc and most other cannabiniods which are present in the trichomes and oils of the herb are vaporized. only leaving a small amount, of which are not released until burning point. I'm sure this does contribute to the different high, as does the lack of toxins that would be present in smoke. Its such a strange transfer from smoke to vapor, and one that takes a bit of time to perfect and get used to, but IMO worth it majorly.
  18. Remember to grind the weed up good.
    And i think the high is a "Body High" aka like edibles and such.
  19. I've never got the chance to smoke out of a vape, but my friend has and he says it's a creeper high.

    My general rule of thumb for smoking is to take a couple hits and if you're not already high, wait about 5 minutes and then see.

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