Handheld bubbler with removable bowl

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  1. Does anyone know of any handheld bubblers where you can remove the bowl like a bong instead of using a carb. I just hate having to blow out the water every time you pack a new bowl. I went to my lhs and the only thing they had was a pipe with an opening for a bowl and you could put an ash catcher in there. Didn't really like it tho because it was kinda like a gandolf pipe and I'd break it within a week

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  2. Depending on your budget, check out Mobius Glassworks. They have several bubblers with a GonG joint. They all run $300-400.
  3. Look at any online headshop and see your options... Aqua lab tech is your best bet
  4. I found mobius on aqualabtech they have some pretty nice pieces thanks

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    Here's a few cool ones from Hi Si glass
    The Traveler, hope to get one of these bad boys some day :smoke:
    If you're willing to drive, you might be able to find a larger head shop in your area that sells bubblers with glass-on-glass bowls, possibly even locally made ones. And as others have stated, there's always online head shops.
  6. I would definitely suggest trying a local head shop, you might not want to buy right then but it will give you a decent idea of price and let you see a few brands and styles.  Mostly I suggest it because I recently picked up a nice little stemless bubbler with a honeycomb perc for 100 and it hits like a dream.
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    All you got to get is an ash catcher a j-hook and a bowl




    My pull carb bubbler array

    My tube

    And the pimp double filtration flexibility this system allows me

    Speaking of flexibility my dry pipe
  8. Does the j hook feel pretty sturdy when you're using it? Like would it be good for on the go?

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    they can fit with the standard plastic slide retainer clip and then yes very sturdy good on the go image.jpg
  10. Ashcatcher with bowl $25
    J-hook with retainer clip $8
    Single honeycomb splashguard tube with 18/14 adapter $55
    Knowing I got better price than any person that's ever walked into that smoke shop before $pricless
    Total cost including tube $78
  11. Check this out dude, ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415844694.957888.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1415844726.710255.jpg

    Comes with a bowl.
    I had the same one, loved it, great for travel. As a matter of fact I'm goin to order another right now.

    In case you were wondering the first one was sold not broke, 😏

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