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  1. It's a nice set up.

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  2. in efforts to actually quit smoking i took a step back from cloud chucking to focus on actually quit. i just ordered a juul after hearing a bunch of positive reviews about how it mimics a cigarette. this could be what i need to finally kick the habit.
  3. Hey dude, did you receive your JUUL yet? Been gaping for 3 years now and thinking about trying one
  4. Juuls are tight, I'm actually a bit glad they are catching on after their deal with Sheetz soured. They have a necessary place in the vape on the go realm AND after trying a couple more open cigalike vapes the Juuls are much more sleek and durable. Temp control is decent too, I rebuilt the coils for a while but it is a lot of work. Greatest thing by far was with with a little ingenuity, you can fill the carts with all sorts of fun cannabis based goodness.

    Fair warning, the Juuls use nicotine salts that are highly concentrated at like a 50mg nicotine strength! So using them is effective BUT if you put your own juice in it would have to be higher than 24mg nic which is crazy to vape in any modern setup.

    I have had a handful of them and their customer service is pretty decent as well. Do not use them any longer though, they did seem to straighten out the leaking almost completely, I didn't like the new mango flavor but liked the menthol and fruit.

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  5. Thank you for this. I worked in a vape shop a couple years ago and we never had these. Ive read about them and the nicotine salt. I subohm with an RDA so I only vape 3mg, but I understend the need for higher nic content in these systems that use significantly less lower than my subohming mod. Its been over 3 years since my last cigarette, yet I still crave cigarettes sometimes. Hopefully the JUUL will help at work when I need a quick, strong puff or six.
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  6. It makes you feel like you are in the future for sure. Anyone catch the comedian dude Chapelle vape on a Juul his entire 1 hour special? I too sub ohm, using a Govad at the moment. Keep breaking all my mods and tanks lately... Need to finally order more wire!

    Rocking .18 ohm twisted parrallel 24 gauge in the Govad on a Smoke T-PRIV. Heavy but durable, like the top screen and also, tanks, dripping makes me fuss more than tanks, re-buildable a must for me. Hell I even recently broke out my Kanger Sub Box mini and built it for shits and it's still chuckin baby clouds with a .3 ohm.

    I rarely go over 40 watts now it seems. Sometimes even put my tank on a Target mini and it's pretty.

  7. got my juul. just ordered my wife one and got us on the auto shipment. still smoking cigarettes but drastically cut back. now i have 3 a day instead of my normal pack. next week im going to 2 a day.
  8. After reading your post, I think I will change mine to one like you :))

  9. 1526495346815127222288.jpg
    Vandy vape pulse .25 fused clapton dual coil build

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