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  1. I smoke Marlboro reds, but its getting expensive to smoke. Could anyone suggest a brand or flavor to try with rolling tobacco? I have no idea about any of the brands or flavors they have.

    Also how much will I end up paying for a small pouch of rolling tobacco? and how many cigs could I roll with that amount using 1 1/4 zig zags?
  2. Fifteen to twenty dollars, depending on where you live, will warrant you about a hundred hand rolled cigarettes.

    Stick to primarily Zig Zag papers, as I've found that those burn as evenly as you could hope for, and buy a tin of Bali Shag tobacco. It comes in a variety of types, including menthol, so you shouldn't be hard pressed for selection. If you're concerned about filtration, you can buy a pack of filters for five or six dollars, sometimes even less, however they make it much harder to hand roll a cigarette but with patience and practice you will be an expert in no time.

  3. Buglers'. Turkish tobacco. Good smooth flavor, slow burn and full of nicotine. Comes with their own pack of papers, 40 of them, can buy it for under $2 here. Think like $1.35 last I bought some. The pouch itself has enough tobaccos for about 50 ciggs so you usually run out of papers first. But they are definatly a recommended try..
  4. Dude you paying jail house prices on your ciggs..Fuck that..$15-$20 would get me 400-600 ciggs..$1.35 will get you 50 with the papers included in the pack.. You're getting HiJacked..
  5. Avoid Bugler, Top, and Jester. The reason those are so cheap is cause they use cheap tobacco and use cut up stems.

    American Spirit is good, but expensive and often too dry.

    Drum and Zig-Zag are both very good brands.

    Top of the line would be Bali-Shag or Three Castles.

    A pouch will run you $2-$5 depending on where you go and what brand you get. A pouch should roll you somewhere in the area of 50 cigs.

    Or a tin of any brand would cost like $12-$17 and get you over 200 cigs.
  6. drum dark blue ftw!
  7. im dry on ganj so ive been rolling some Drum strong. ITs pretty solid. I bough 40grams for like 6 bucks and its lasted me for a good amount of time. Im using some transparent papers which are great if ur a skilled roller.
  8. i use aLedinha Its pretty awesome and back rolls using aLedinha is very good
  9. Good info the the replies.

    another question though, how do you keep it fresh? do you bother keeping tobacco in the fridge or anything? I heard that it drys out quickly but I figure if I just buy small pouches at a time I shouldn't have a problem.
  10. just dont leave it in open air close the pack and hey i went to england for vication once and cigs there are too expensive so i rolled my own and one great thing soak the tobacco with hash oil its not gunna get you seriously high but the taste of hash will always be there and if your smoking the tobacco as much as you normaly smoke cigs it will get you high for sure and will keep you high :)

    i also smoke marlboro reds they are the best
  11. i have an injector and i buy tobacco and tubes to make my own smokes, costs me around 18 bucks to get 3 cartons of smokes, and at the rate i smoke its saving me hundreds of dollars

  12. not really.....hes payin for (((if he smokes))) a tub of tobaccy....its easier and much more efficient though too buy pouches....i do agree there....in iowa american spirits go for about 5.00 a pouch and have like.....6 or seven diff kinds (((there are more....i just dont have access too the others)))
  13. i pay 1.90 for tobacco and 40 wraps, do it, its bangin. you save maddddd money
  14. us too!! we both smoke like fiends so it save us a shitload of cash
  15. Drum is all i smoke, i buy a can with 200 papers(i always run out of papers before tobacco) and it only costs 10$ . Its a nice blend of light and dark european shags, I LOooove it, go through a can about every 2 weeks. Saves a lot of money, going from a pack of day or 4$ a day.:eek:
  16. Well Actully i tried *burn* transparent and grape flavoured papes and i hav e to admit i was very impressed i think its on my top 3 fav. papes

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